Tabletop gamer geek, got turned into a D&D-ish wizard.
Power Scheme:
Normal, nice guy, turns
into a human cockroach.

Power Scheme:
Bug Powers

Daft Cos
Dj in Hiding.
Power Scheme:
Sound Manipulation.
Movie Watching Geek.
Got the ability create
Michael Bay-style special effects.

Power Scheme:
Explosions, Lens Flare

Angsty Toreador.
Wants to be called
Sir Lord Darkness Embraced
Throughout All Time IV,
but no one does.

Power Scheme:
Sparkly Vampire
Haute Potatoe
Board gamer geek.
G ot turned into a
bouncing, flaming potato.
Power Scheme:
Bouncing, Fire.

Magical Maid
Waitress Bustier

Magical martial artist girl who shares the body with The Dood, a knowledgable slacker.
Power scheme:
Magical Girl.
A Vengeful Caped
Clown Crusader

Power Scheme:
Think Batman,
but with more Clown

Purpl3 Pwn3r
Video gamer geek.
Got turned into a Mega-Man/Master Chief/
Dante from Devil May Cry-ish type.

Powers Scheme:
Guns. Lots of Guns.

Dr. Wormhole
Alien worm with a
Ph.D in literature.
Power Scheme:
Controls wormholes.