Dr. Collateral
Super-inventor from another dimension.
Power Scheme:
Hyper Invention
Crop Duster
Woman Scorned,
and out for revange.

Power Scheme:
Speedster Chick.
Gives off Pheremones.

Dr. Feelstrange
Doctor who's powers enhance other superpowers.
Power Scheme:
Flame Freak
From Desert City.
Former thief, stole the
Amulet of the Glyptodon
from a museum.
Power Scheme:
Creates a flaming glyptodon.

Ghost Girl
Goth girl who discovered her powers when she accidentally disintegrated herself. Prefers to be called Dark Astral Angel.
Power Scheme:
Disentegration, Ghost.
Squid-faced person.
Kicked out of squid-face
society because he practiced
Euclidian geometry and had an
even number of tentacles
Power Scheme:
Tentacles, Sonar.

Rock Whisperer
sentient statue who
petrifies things so he
can talk to them.

Power scheme:
Weather controling pirate chick.
First Mate on Capt. Pirates Ship.

Power Scheme:
Controls Weather

A vaguely humanoid leech woman.
Natural enemy of the squid face people.
Likes polar geometry.

Powers Scheme:
Shape Changing, Spikes.

Woolly Willy
From 'North City'.
Former thief, stole
the Amulet of the Mammoth
from a museum.
Power Scheme:
Creates a thick
shaped cloud of iron filings
that he controls via magnetism.